Your New AI Scheduling Assistant

Your New AI Scheduling Assistant

Never schedule a meeting yourself again.

Skej coordinates with your contacts to find the perfect time to meet.

Get your time back, and let Skej handle the endless back-and-forth.

Plugs into your existing workflow.

Skej works with your existing calendar and email client right out of the box.

No new software to install or learn.

Skej always picks the right time.

Skej offers times based on your calendar and preferences.

Whether a 1:1 or team meeting, Skej finds a time that works for everyone.

Reschedule and cancel with ease.

Let Skej know what to change, and Skej takes care of the rest.

Don' t check Calendly links, Skej will do it.

When someone sends you a Calendly, Skej will scan the link for slots with mutual availability.

Works alongside human assistants.

When someone adds their EA, Skej understands who they represent.

You have an assistant now too, who just so happens to be an AI.

Internal team meetings, solved.

Skej has your coworkers' calendars, making scheduling a breeze.

No more visually scanning to find an overlap and endless negotiations.

Autobook with other Skej users.

When scheduling between Skej users, Skej automatically books mutual time.

Autobook is perfect for close contacts and coworkers that you meet often.

Set custom availability for different contacts.

You can have different working hours for specific categories or contacts.

Skej will offer unique times depending on who's asking.

Don't lose sleep over time zones.

Coordinating between multiple time zones just got way easier.

Skej keeps track of who is where and finds a time that works for everyone.

Skej speaks 50+ languages.

Wherever you are and whatever language you do your scheduling in, Skej can assist in your native tongue.

Be the First to Use Skej

Be the First to Use Skej