Your New AI Scheduling Assistant

Your New AI Scheduling Assistant

Cc Skej, and never see a scheduling email again.

Skej coordinates with your contacts to find the perfect time to meet.

Stop wasting your time on the endless back-and-forth of finding a time.

Reschedule and cancel, headache- free.

Simply let Skej know what you need to change, and it will take care of the rest.

Skej will automatically move lower priority meetings to make room for more important ones.

Context and contact aware.

Skej knows which contacts and meetings need to be prioritized. (and which don't)

Skej will always find time for the people that matter.

Autobook with other Skej users.

If two (or more) Skej users opt in, Skej will automatically find time that works for everyone in the background.

Autobook is perfect for coworkers and close contacts that you meet with often.

Internal team scheduling, solved.

Skej has access to all your coworkers' calendars, so it can automatically find the right time for everyone.

No more visually scanning to find an overlap or endless negotiations.

Always be on the same page, with Side Chain.

Let Skej know what you’re really thinking, behind-the-scenes.

Side Chain is a parallel, private conversation, just between the two of you.

There's an integration for that.

Skej works with any email client and integrates with the most popular calendars, contacts, video conferencing tools, Slack, and more.

However you work, Skej is there.

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