Your AI-powered scheduling assistant

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Your AI-powered scheduling assistant

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What is Skej?

The AI scheduling assistant you've been waiting for.

Cc Skej and watch it seamlessly handle all of your scheduling needs.

Skej understands your preferences and priorities– who and what matters.

We're on a mission to solve scheduling.

Join us.

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Cc Skej, and never see a scheduling email again.

Skej coordinates directly with your contacts on your behalf to find the perfect time to meet.

Stop wasting your time on the endless back-and-forth of scheduling messages.

Reschedule and cancel, headache free.

Simply let Skej know what you need to change, and it takes care of the rest.

Personalized preferences, like a human assistant.

Skej adapts to your particular quirks, continually learning and improving over time.

The more you use Skej, the better it gets to know you.

Context and contact aware.

Skej knows which contacts and meetings need to be prioritized, and which don't.

Skej will always find time for the people that matter.

Always be on the same page, with Side Chain.

Let Skej know what you’re really thinking, behind-the-scenes.

Side Chain is a parallel, private conversation, just between the two of you.

Stay in control with manual approvals.

You can read and approve messages before they're sent.

Never worry about your most important communications.

There's an integration for that.

Skej integrates with the most popular calendars, contacts, CRMs, video conferencing tools, Slack, and more.

However you work, Skej is there.

Join Skej Beta

Join Skej Beta