In Memory of Simon Baumer

Simon Baumer is one of the cofounders of Skej.

Simon tragically died in the summer of 2023 of complications from pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer.

He was a true child of the internet and was newly invigorated by advances in AI.

In his last months, he poured his heart and soul into building Skej, and what he created serves as the core of the product today.

Simon working on Skej in NYC, June 2023.

Simon was a lifelong entrepreneur and techie, and he had a unique and palpable passion for life. He was an avid fisherman, adventurer, and an amazing husband and father to his two beautiful children, Otis and Amelie.

A few weeks before his passing, Simon updated his LinkedIn profile to simply say "Builder". That's how he would want to be remembered.

When you use Skej, think of Simon. He would have loved to know that you, a random person on the internet, was using and benefiting from something that he built.